Alabama Adventure (Visionland) Themed Amusement Park


Bessemer, Alabama

  • 122,000 Square Feet

  • This themed amusement park constructed in the Birmingham area included the design of 49 building structures and 20 ride foundations.

  • The buildings included retail, food vendors, shelters and entry elements.

  • The amusement rides were purchased from international vendors requiring the foundation design coordination to accommodate conversions of metric loading and dimensions.

  • Tucker-Jones also provided the structural engineering and concrete design for the water park and river raft ride flume which contained significant cast-in-place concrete water channels, troughs, surge tanks, holding basins and equipment foundations.

  • Special design considerations included unbalanced hydraulic loading; mechanical overturning forces and corrosion inhibiting concrete mix designs due to the constant contact with chlorinated water.

3300 CAHABA ROAD • SUITE 210 • BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35223 • 205.879.5660