Brookwood Village Renovation


Homewood, Alabama

  • 375,000 Square Feet

  • The multi-story mall renovation required significant demolition of the center portion of the existing construction to allow for a new tenant lease space along with an elevated clerestory framed with structural steel trusses.

  • The design incorporated a new lateral load resisting system due to the demolition of the existing system.
  • Also included was new vertical transportation that required three-story escalator systems to be installed at each end of the mall concourse.

  • New mall entry schemes required the demolition of the existing parking deck ramps and the construction of new elevated ramps.

  • The project also consisted of four stand alone restaurants on building pads created by the construction of a 550 foot long retaining wall system along the edge of Shades Creek.

  • The 20 foot tall wall was supported on drilled piers bearing on rock with at grouted tieback system to resist lateral loading.

3300 CAHABA ROAD • SUITE 210 • BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35223 • 205.879.5660