Marriott Ross Bridge Renaissance Golf Resort and Spa


Hoover, Alabama


  • 275,000 Square Feet

  • A seven-story hotel and conference center consists of 220 guest rooms, ballroom, golf clubhouse, 10,000 square foot spa, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, board rooms, full service restaurant, grand lobby, conference reception room, retail center, administrative offices and maintenance facilities.

  • The structural systems include a two-way concrete slab supported by concrete columns for the guest rooms and long-span structural steel trusses with catwalks across the ballroom.

  • The lateral resisting system is concrete shear walls around primarily around the stair and elevator shafts.

  • The foundation system is drilled piers bearing on rock

3300 CAHABA ROAD • SUITE 210 • BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35223 • 205.879.5660