Outpatient Surgery Centers


Des Moines IA, Somerset KY, Jasper AL, Columbus MS, Lebanon TN, Louisville KY


  • Average project size – One and two story buildings between 15000 to 25000 square feet in area.

  • Facilities contained operating rooms with provision for future operating room additions.  Larger facilities also contained imaging equipment such as CT scan and MRI.

  • Full surgical suites included pre-operative and post-operative recovery areas.

  • Covered drop-off canopies provided protected areas for ambulance transportation.

  • Construction typically consisted of structural steel floor frames with steel joist and beam roof framing system.

  • Construction costs ranged from $2.5 million to $4.5 million.

3300 CAHABA ROAD • SUITE 210 • BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35223 • 205.879.5660