Robotics Training Facility – Phase I


Limestone, Alabama


  • 50,000 Square Feet

  • This facility is the anchor to an industrial park designed to market the global robotics industry including manufacturers, scientists and developers.

  • The state of the art facility is primarily a one story facility with a small two story area that serves as a presentation area.

  • A large portion of the facility includes a high bay area with an overhead crane where the latest robotics technology will be on display for education and training.

  • The construction consists of a structural steel frame with composite structural steel second floor, X-Bracing, steel horizontal and vertical trusses supporting the cantilevered roof, exterior curtain walls and metal stud framing.

  • The foundations system consists of conventional shallow foundations.

3300 CAHABA ROAD • SUITE 210 • BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35223 • 205.879.5660