Tucker-Jones Engineers Associated, P.C. is dedicated to providing quality structural engineering services to meet our client’s needs.  This is achieved by utilizing sound engineering judgement and business practices.  The firm is organized to maintain a high level of coordination and quality during the design, construction documents and construction administration phases of a project.  We are accessible and maintain active communication throughout all phases of a project.  We also believe that communication and cooperation, as team members are the primary keys to success.  Tucker-Jones Engineers Associated’s top priority is to provide practices that will protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.


Tucker-Jones Engineers Associated, P.C. has broad experience in building design and has successfully completed projects both general and specialized in nature.  We have been team members on medical, commercial, institutional and retail facilities.  Additionally, we have been the consultants for unique structures such as food processing facilities, aircraft hangars, gymnasiums, long-span church sanctuaries, water-parks and natatorium facilities.  This has required expertise in a variety of material types and design approaches.  It has also required knowledge of the structural needs associated with special building environments.


We also maintain the latest computer technology that includes a library of structural design software and analysis programs, Autocad, Revit, in-house plotting and T1 electronic data transfer.

A high percentage of projects are constructed utilizing a “fast-track” construction method.  By having a principal involved in the project from the beginning, an experienced engineer is available to make necessary decisions without delay.  This allows the design to proceed and allow a fast-track type schedule to be achieved without interruption.


At the inception of a project, Tucker-Jones Engineers Associated will develop a schedule of the structural design process.  This will allow us to provide team members with a schedule that will outline the required information along with the timing of the information needed to allow the structural design to proceed in the most expeditious manner.


A major responsibility of a consulting engineer is to work with Architects, Contractors, and Owners to provide the most economical structural system and details.  Utilizing our experience, various framing schemes will be developed on larger projects to outline the framing options that will best suit this project. This information can be estimated to determine the most effective system that will meet the Owner’s needs.


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